Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why the Hubbub over Kirk Cameron

Lately, atheists have been having a field day over Ray Comfort's side kick, former child actor Kirk Cameron. He's easy for us to lampoon, parody and otherwise discredit because his particular brand of evangelism is so utterly ridiculous.

Before we start dismissing him as yet another Hollywood has-been who's gone off the deep end, we need to really consider this guy. He might not be as easily dismissed as one might think.

No, it's not because the things he says are deep by any stretch of the imagination. His lack of knowledge of theology is overshadowed only by his lack of knowledge of basic biology and modern evolutionary theory. He loudly protests that he was once an avid evolutionist.* But I have the feeling that what he really understands about evolution could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a piece of sidewalk chalk.

The reason we should be wary of Kirk Cameron is his celebrity status. No, he's not a major celebrity but he's got enough star power to capture the imaginations of at least some of his viewers. And never underestimate the power of celebrity in this country.

Our nation is enraptured in what I call the cult of celebrity. People practically worship movie stars, singers and rich fashion models as the true latter day saints. If someone who's been on national TV more than once endorses a product, the sales for the product increase. If someone who starred in a television program that ran for more than one season comments on a political issue, public opinion can be swayed. It seems as if the mantra for many in this country is, "He's a star. He said it. It must be true."

Now take this former star of TV's "Growing Pains" and have him say that he converted from atheism because he found the truth in Christianity, he's going to get his share of converts. He also provides ammunition for the already converted who want to take cheap shots at atheists. Ray Comfort didn't have enough persuasive power on his own so he teamed up with Cameron to form a team that may be laughable to atheists but who are utterly convincing to those who want to be convinced.

So don't dismiss him as irrelevant or silly. We aren't the ones who are impressed with the emperor's new clothes. It's our job to demonstrate that the stupid sod is actually naked and hope the masses eventually catch on.

Either that or they'll decide that nudity is fashionable this season.

*Evolutionist is a word made up by the Creation Institute to lump those of us who accept the theory of evolution into one category. This is an attempt to show that evolution is a religion and they can fight it in the schools using the same weaponry we've used against them. I reject this non-word and ask others to do the same.


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