Monday, January 30, 2012

The Aftermath

Yesterday, I got together with some friends in our local atheist group to clean a mile of street that we adopted.

On the way there, I saw dozens of churches. In each of those churches, there were most likely the same people who've been attending them for years. The sermons were probably similar to the ones that have been heard time and time again. Collection plates were passed and, most likely, the take was about the same as it usually is.

These scenes were probably played out in churches around the nation.

I didn't hear of a single report that the entrance of a church was blocked by the government. Nobody was prohibited from attending because a law banned it. We didn't hear of lines of atheists locked arm in arm to keep believers from worshiping in whatever manner they saw fit.

So would someone please tell me how the removal of the prayer banner from the wall of Cranston High School West has had an adverse effect on anyone's right to worship?


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