Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Life with Meaning

Often, I'll read theist (particularly Christian) blogs and commentaries that imply or state that without a god or gods, life is meaningless. One I read recently even suggested that atheists should kill themselves because their existence is so devoid of meaning.

Let me start by saying that I resent the implication that somehow my life is empty simply because I don't fill in any part of it with their particular imaginary friend. Would my life be more meaningful if I believed in a god other than theirs? If not, then their lives would be meaningless according to the followers of that other god. Does it take a particular god to give life meaning? How can you be sure which god?

As for the idea that atheists should just give up and kill themselves, that would suit the purposes of the theists quite nicely. It would give them a final solution to dealing with atheists. Sorry, but I won't go that quietly. I've got too much going on and too much meaning in my life to surrender it so easily. Besides, this is the only life I'm going to get so I don't see any point in wasting it.

Now let's look at from the other side. If you really examine the theists life, it's all about preparing for death. It's an obsession. It's their primary, all-consuming obsession. They're supposed to surrender the earthly for the spiritual and the promise of life everlasting. Their earthly lives are merely a dress rehearsal for the big show. The joy, pain, accomplishments and defeats of a lifetime become trivial when compared to the glory of heaven.

So in the realm of life here on Earth, who really has the pointless existence?


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