Thursday, April 08, 2010

A new idea

Often, I'll hear Christians say that the Bible is too complex to have been penned by a human without some kind of divine inspiration.

OK, for the purposes of this thought experience, I'll grant you that. So imagine, if you will, the following conversation taking place in the halls of Asgard:

Odin, I have got an idea for the greatest prank ever!

Odin (looking a bit bored at Loki):
OK, what is it this time?

Those folks out there in the Middle East. You know the ones around the Red Sea? What if I went among them and inspired them to write of a new god? After all, they don't know of your majesty yet.

For what purpose?

Just on a lark. I'd have them create this god with the most preposterous of attributes such as jealousy and insecurity. They'd have to actually verbally speak praise to him in order to win his favor. And they'd have to do physical sacrifice of animals and the like.

I'm not too sure about the sacrifice thing.

Oh, only for a time, sir. Then I'd convince them that instead of the blood sacrifices, he'd do it for them.

Odin (now sitting up and paying attention):
Maybe you could have him come to Earth in corporeal form and die for them.

Sacrifice himself to himself? Oh, sir, that's brilliant!

And anyone who didn't accept the sacrifice as a means of salvation would be punished in the most horrible manner... for all eternity!

Just which one of us is the god of mischief?

Well, they're just ideas. And I did borrow a bit from the Sumerians, Egyptians and Hindus. Besides, you don't think that anyone would actually fall for this, do you?

They're only human. But I'll get started right away.

So perhaps the Bible was written by a god. But can you be sure it's the Christian god?


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