Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking it down one brick at a time

Brendan Smith, for reasons that are known only to him, has spent the last 10 years putting together what he called "The Brick Testament," an illustrated version of the Bible told in that timeless medium, Legos. But it would seem that some blue noses have gotten their aforementioned noses out of joint over his putting it in a bound volume and selling it.

Their complaints have not fallen on deaf ears and, it would seem, that Sam's Club won't be carrying this book because these people have taken offense.

The following is from an article at CNet (full article can be found here).
"I have just been informed that Sam's Club is pulling 'The Brick Bible' from the shelves of all of their retail locations nationwide due to the complaints of a handful of people that it is vulgar and violent," Smith wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. "This despite the book containing only straightforward illustrations of Bible stories using direct quotes from scripture."
Well, of course it's vulgar and violent. It's the Bible!

All kidding aside, the Bible contains much that is violent, vulgar and even downright pornographic. And while reading this in either the arcane English of the King James Version or in softer terms from newer versions of the bible may be acceptable, when you see it played out in any kind of detail, it can be a bit more shocking and visceral. Reading about Job suffering from the horrors visited on him by his just and loving god is one thing but when you see it, even when depicted by vaguely anthropomorphic blocky toys, it's a shock to the system.

Maybe this is what's necessary to get a group of people to actually examine their belief systems and come to terms with how horrid and nasty it can be.

But I need to be honest with myself. If that snuff porn film by Mel Gibson didn't turn them off, this won't either. That crowd seems thirsty for blood.