Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Our Dysfunctional Family

Recently, I had a family member tell me that the US is supposed to be run like a business which is why we should let our businessman president run it.

Putting the president aside, there are a huge problems with this idea.

The US is not a business and shouldn't be run like one. This was a load of crap when the idea came into vogue nearly 40 years ago and it's still a load of crap.

Our country is more like a family. Granted, it's a noisy, argumentative, dysfunctional family but it's a family and needs to be run like one.

Like a family, we have many common origins. Some of us came into the family by birth, others joined in later and others were dragged in. But we're all together now and that's what's important.

Like a family, we have common ideals. Safety, security and hope for the future aren't just desires of a few.

Like a family, we need to adhere to a budget. We're not always going to agree on how we should spend the money. But it needs to be handled wisely and with the greatest good in mind.

Like a family, someone needs to step up to be the adult. His or her decisions won't always be popular. They won't always be right. But they need to be made for the common good of all family members, not just a few.

Like a family, we need to help one another especially when the chips are down. We help each other not because we're going to reap some benefit but because it's what families do.

Like a family, we need to come to the table and take stock of how lucky we are that we're all together and that nobody can tear us apart. We are, despite our differences, united and resolute.